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Collection RoomFashion

Live up to your standards

Your company is on the lookout for the latest trends, at the cutting edge of the latest communication tools. This room will allow you to go and explore new horizons that your company is not aware of!

Area of excellence

Knowledge of the latest trends & high standards are the leitmotif of your company!

Ideal surface

Ideal for a group of 12 people in a U arrangement.

dedicated room

Installed in your wheelchair you will be mobile during your meeting as well as your ideas which will allow a deep reflection to save time in the future. Anticipation equals proactivity!

A room dedicated to


Our other atmospheres Come and discover them

Imagine Room

Come and draw on your creativity!

Vintage Room

Come and get intoxicated with us!

Domain Room

Community is the key word for success!

Altitude Room

Aim higher than the stars for your employees

Handcrafted Room

A job well done is still much better!

Knowledge Room

Knowledge is most interesting when it is shared

Coworking Area

A warm and studious moment of sharing