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Domain RoomOenology

Collaboration for endogenous growth

The collective in companies has never been as strong as it is today in the digital age where human relations are essential. Together we are stronger!

Area of excellence

Collective & solidarity are the key words.

Ideal surface

Ideal room for your working groups of up to 20 people.

Dedicated room

Don’t forget that you can combine your seminar with a team-building animation to stimulate your team cohesion. The park of the Château d’HEC is only a 10-minute walk away.

A room dedicated to


Our other atmospheres Come and discover them

Imagine Room

Come and draw on your creativity!

Collection Room

The demand for haute couture in inspiration?

Vintage Room

Come and get intoxicated with us!

Altitude Room

Aim higher than the stars for your employees

Handcrafted Room

A job well done is still much better!

Knowledge Room

Knowledge is most interesting when it is shared

Coworking Area

A warm and studious moment of sharing