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Our atmospheresResonance Paris Saclay

Meet at our place in the west of Paris, 20 min from Orly airport, close to the HEC campus

Come and discover our 8 seminar rooms on the theme of excellence in living the French way of life which is represented in different forms: fashion, crafts, wine, literature, the grandes écoles…

An innovative concept where the desire to learn, to share & to project oneself are linked to move towards a world of development and performance.

All our rooms Rooms with an atypical atmosphere


Imagine room

Creativity & thought will be the order of the day!

A room made to boost your creativity, the installation within hanging seats will divert your work habits in an atmosphere that may remind you of our dear Chaplin or the magician/mentalist you met as a child!

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 11
  • Single paving stone: 12
  • Theatre: 12
  • Class: 10

Collection room

The art of beauty & du showmanship are your thoughts

Haute couture, creativity, artistic fibre… Project yourself collectively to optimize your art of assembling, creating beauty and entertainment while responding to new trends!

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 16
  • Single paving stone: 18
  • Theatre: 35
  • Class: 18

Vintage room

It’s the ultimate

Perfect for your strategic management committees. The Vintage Room made of leather armchairs will bring you together to make the most important decisions & those that will have the most impact on your company.

Number of seats

  • Central codir table: 8/10

Domain room

Together we’re stronger!

Project yourself in the Champagne vineyards, think collectively, transform over time to improve your ideas in a lasting way to act sustainably for your business!

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 20
  • Single paving stone: 22
  • Theatre: 40
  • Class: 20

Altitude room

A projection into the future

In 1 969, we didn’t think 20 years earlier that man would have stepped on the moon. Think of your disruptive ideas for the future of your business, project your sales people into this room so they can think out of the box & create the impossible in your structures!

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 16
  • Single paving stone: 18
  • Theatre: 35
  • Class: 18

Handcrafted room

Dexterity, the key word!

Each human being in your company is unique. To achieve the perfection you have set for yourself, arm yourself with patience & with your best allies so that they put all their know-how at the service of your company.

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 16
  • Single paving stone: 18
  • Theatre: 35
  • Class: 18

Knowledge room

The excellence of knowledge

Your teams need to come together for one important notion, the sharing of knowledge between them. As an African proverb says, “Alone we go faster, together we go further”.

Number of seats

  • U-shaped layout: 32
  • Single paving stone: 40
  • Theatre: 90
  • Class: 55

Coworking area

A strong lobby to share

Over a coffee or a beer, share a moment in our warm lobby with your employees.

Number of seats

  • 16