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Vintage RoomThe winemaking

“It is not abundance, but excellence that is wealth.”

The essayist, Joseph JOUBERT was not entirely wrong, we must give priority to quality. This room with leather armchairs where you can meet in small groups will allow you to make strategic decisions that are crucial for your company.

Area of excellence

Strategy & diplomacy are the key words.

Ideal surface

Ideal for your board of directors!

dedicated room

The decisions taken in this place are unique & difficult to reverse, it is therefore necessary that the stakeholders are brought together in the best conditions & have the best tools (flat screen & leather armchair) to work there.

A room dedicated to


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Imagine Room

Come and draw on your creativity!

Collection Room

The demand for haute couture in inspiration?

Domain Room

Community is the key word for success!

Altitude Room

Aim higher than the stars for your employees

Handcrafted Room

A job well done is still much better!

Knowledge Room

Knowledge is most interesting when it is shared

Coworking Area

A warm and studious moment of sharing